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Industry 4.0 - Potentials for Creating Smart Products: Empirical Research Results
Industry 4.0 combines the strengths of traditional industries with cutting edge internet technologies. Expand
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Big Data as Strategic Enabler - Insights from Central European Enterprises
Big Data increases the amount of data available for analysis by significantly increasing the volume, velocity and variety. Expand
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Glycose aminoglycane excretion and concentration in the urine of patients with frequently recurrent calcium-oxalate lithiasis prior to and following Diclofenac-Na therapy
SummaryExcretion and concentration of glycose aminoglycans were measured in 19 patients with frequent relapses of calcium-oxalate lithiasis, prior to and two weeks after onset of Diclofenac-NaExpand
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[Diagnosis of intestinal oxalate hyperabsorption in patients with idiopathic recurrent calcium oxalate urinary calculi].
By oral administration of 14C-labelled oxalic acid (2.2 microns Ci; 2 mg), the mean enteral oxalate absorption in 24-h urines (collecting intervals 3, 3, 6, 12 h) of 19 healthy control subjects wasExpand
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Understanding the Potential Value of Digitization for Business - Quantitative Research Results of European Experts
A quantitative study based on a former qualitative research to prove main drivers of successful digitization in business. Expand
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Potentials of changing customer needs in a digital world - a conceptual model and recommendations for action in tourism
This paper develops such a conceptual model, which is able to explore the customer needs in a digital world in the tourism industry and provides recommendations for touristic companies that have to face the challenges and the changing market environment through digitization. Expand
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What Drives Users to Use CRM in a Public Cloud Environment? - Insights from European Experts
We investigated which factors influence the willingness of companies, especially in Europe to use CRM in a public cloud environment. Expand
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Disturbed urinary transport in the pelvi-calyceal system in calcium-oxalate stone patients
SummaryThis study is intended to elucidate the process of urinary transport through the pelvi-calyceal system (PCS). PCS-motility of a total of 28 PCS was qualitatively and quantitatively determinedExpand
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Potentials of Digital Business Models - Empirical investigation of data driven impacts in industry
We found four main driver (with five items each) regarding potentials of digital business models: Key Performance Indicators, Individualization, Efficiency and Communication. Expand
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