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A study of hand grip pressure distribution and EMG of finger flexor muscles under dynamic loads.
A matrix of miniature and flexible pressure sensors is proposed to measure the grip pressure distribution (GPD) at the hand-handle interface of a vibrating handle. The GPD was acquired under staticExpand
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Driving-point mechanical impedance of the human hand-arm system: synthesis and model development
Abstract A synthesis of the measured values of human male hand-arm impedance characteristics reported in the literature has been performed. The driving-point mechanical impedance data of the humanExpand
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A grammar for standardized wiki markup
Today's wiki engines are not interoperable. The rendering engine is tied to the processing tools which are tied to the wiki editors. This is an unfortunate consequence of the lack of rigorouslyExpand
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Multimodal and Federated Interaction
  • F. James, R. Gurram
  • Computer Science
  • Handbook of Research on Ubiquitous Computing…
  • 2008
This chapter introduces the concepts of multimodal and federated interaction. Because multimodality means, simply, the combination of multiple modalities (or types of input and output), the authorsExpand
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An EBNF grammar for Wiki Creole 1.0
Today's wiki engines are not interoperable. This is an unfortunate consequence of the lack of rigorously specified standards. This technical report presents a complete and validated EBNF-basedExpand
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A Web Based Mashup Platform for Enterprise 2.0
Traditionally, enterprise applications are complex and monolithic. Business operation has become one of the most important factors to determine the efficiency of an organization. Therefore, greatExpand
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Influence of power tool-related parameters on the response of finger flexor muscles
Surface electromyography (EMG) and statistical analysis techniques were applied to investigate the response of finger flexor muscles to hand-transmitted vibration in all the three orthogonalExpand
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Development of linear and nonlinear hand-arm vibration models using optimization and linearization techniques.
Hand-arm vibration (HAV) models serve as an effective tool to assess the vibration characteristics of the hand-tool system and to evaluate the attenuation performance of vibration isolationExpand
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Development of a grip force dependent hand-arm vibration model.
The driving-point mechanical impedance of the human hand-arm system is strongly dependent on the grip force and excitation frequency. In this study, the biodynamic response of the human hand-arm isExpand
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