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Vertical transmission of sublethal granulovirus infection in the tobacco caterpillar Spodoptera litura
Larvae that survived sublethal infection of Spodoptera litura granulovirus (SlGV) as 4th and 5th instars led to an increase in the larval period of treated larvae when compared with control. WhileExpand
Effect of passage through the gut of Eocanthecona furcellata on Spodoptera litura multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus infectivity and its subsequent dissemination
Infectivity of Spodoptera litura multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (SpltMNPV) was compared between before (P0) and after (P1–P4) passage in subsequent generations through the gut of EocantheconaExpand
Management Of The Tent Caterpillar (Malacosoma indicum) Using Nucleopolyhedrovirus In Jammu & Kashmir, India
Abstract The tent caterpillar ( Malacosoma indicum ) is a serious pest that attacks a wide range of fruit and forest trees in Jammu & Kashmir (J & K) range of North-Western Himalayas. InvestigationsExpand
Field evaluation of Lymantria obfuscata multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus for the management of Indian gypsy moth in Jammu & Kashmir, India
Abstract The Indian gypsy moth (Lymantria obfuscata) is a pest of national significance, which attacks a wide range of forest and fruit crops in India. The outbreaks of this pest over the past fewExpand
Genetic variability and correlation study in Acacia catechu seed source in Himachal Pradesh
The present study was conducted in Himachal Pradesh to estimate the genetic variability for the phenotypic characters, seed traits and nursery traits of Acacia catechu selected from ten differentExpand