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The Psychology of Radicalization and Deradicalization: How Significance Quest Impacts Violent Extremism
We present a model of radicalization and deradicalization based on the notion that the quest for personal significance constitutes a major motivational force that may push individuals toward violentExpand
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Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror
Genesis of Al Qae'da - Al Qa'eda Leadership, Ideology and Organisation - Evolution of Al Qae'da: Peshawar to Khartoum and to Kandahar - Al Qa'eda's International Support and Operational Network - AlExpand
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The Road to Extremism: Field and Experimental Evidence That Significance Loss-Induced Need for Closure Fosters Radicalization
The present studies examined the hypothesis that loss of personal significance fuels extremism via the need for cognitive closure. Situations of significance loss—those that make one feel ashamed,Expand
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Terrorism--a (self) love story: redirecting the significance quest can end violence.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's concepts of self-love (amour propre) and love of self (amour de soi même) are applied to the psychology of terrorism. Self-love is concern with one's image in the eyes ofExpand
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Conflict and terrorism in southern Thailand
Introduction History and Genealogy of the Conflict Understanding the Threat Strategy, Targets and Tactics Responding to the Threat Index.
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Al-Qaeda’s Propaganda Decoded: A Psycholinguistic System for Detecting Variations in Terrorism Ideology
ABSTRACT We describe a novel hybrid method of content analysis that combines the speed of computerized text analysis with the contextual sensitivity of human raters, and apply it to speeches thatExpand
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Pakistan: Terrorism Ground Zero
After the US-led coalition targeted terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan, al Qaeda, the Taliban and two dozen other such organizations relocated to the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA)Expand
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The battlefield of the mind: rehabilitating muslim terrorists
The Battlefield of the Mind, fighting the ideological priciples that sustain the terrorist´s mindset, is one of the missing duties. Rehabilitating a terrorist detainee is crucial to stem the spreadExpand
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What a difference two years make: patterns of radicalization in a Philippine jail
Abstract Recent high-profile terrorist attacks have led to attempts by social scientists to investigate the processes behind radicalization. Prisons have been identified as possible breeding groundsExpand
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