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Journey of Regionalism On and Along the Track of Nationalism and Federalism in Indian Democracy-A Critical Geo-Political Analysis
Regionalism in Indian Politics is fast spreading across various states of India. It has become a striking feature of the Indian political party system. The rise of regional political parties haveExpand
Band structure in the N=88 isotones Pm 149 , Eu 151 , and Tb 153
A particle-rotor model which incorporates the variable moment of inertia formalism is applied to the N=88 transitional nuclei, $^{149}\mathrm{Pm}$, $^{151}\mathrm{Eu}$, and $^{153}\mathrm{Tb}$. TheExpand
Level structure of the N=88 isotones 149Pm, 151Eu and 153Tb
The level structures of the N=88 isotones 149Pm, 151Eu and 153Tb are studied in a version of the unified vibrational model which incorporates both pairing effects and anharmonicity in the coreExpand
The Ethics of Sustainability ”-A Debatable Outline for the Security of Man and Nature
The issue is about what we regard as ethically acceptable in terms of the distribution of well-being, sacrifice and risks between rich and poor, the present and future and humans and non-humans .TheExpand