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MP2RAGE, a self bias-field corrected sequence for improved segmentation and T1-mapping at high field
The large spatial inhomogeneity in transmit B(1) field (B(1)(+)) observable in human MR images at high static magnetic fields severely impairs image quality. Expand
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Simultaneous in vivo spectral editing and water suppression
Water suppression is typically performed in vivo by exciting the longitudinal magnetization in combination with dephasing, or by using frequency‐selective coherence generation. MEGA, aExpand
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Automatic, localized in Vivo adjustment of all first‐and second‐order shim coils
  • R. Gruetter
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Magnetic resonance in medicine
  • 1 June 1993
The implementation of a “fast, automatic shimming technique by mapping along projections” (FASTMAP) on a 2.1‐Tesla whole‐body system is described. The method provides a localized adjustment of allExpand
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In vivo 1H NMR spectroscopy of rat brain at 1 ms echo time
Using optimized, asymmetric radiofrequency (RF) pulses for slice selection, the authors demonstrate that stimulated echo acquisition mode (STEAM) localization with ultra‐short echo time (1 ms) isExpand
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A mathematical model of compartmentalized neurotransmitter metabolism in the human brain.
After administration of enriched [1-13C]glucose, the rate of 13C label incorporation into glutamate C4, C3, and C2, glutamine C4, C3, and C2, and aspartate C2 and C3 was simultaneously measured inExpand
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Toward an in vivo neurochemical profile: quantification of 18 metabolites in short-echo-time (1)H NMR spectra of the rat brain.
Localized in vivo (1)H NMR spectroscopy was performed with 2-ms echo time in the rat brain at 9.4 T. Frequency domain analysis with LCModel showed that the in vivo spectra can be explained by 18Expand
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Sustained Neuronal Activation Raises Oxidative Metabolism to a New Steady-State Level: Evidence from 1H NMR Spectroscopy in the Human Visual Cortex
To date, functional 1H NMR spectroscopy has been utilized to report the time courses of few metabolites, primarily lactate. Benefiting from the sensitivity offered by ultra-high magnetic field (7 T),Expand
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MR spectroscopy of the human brain with enhanced signal intensity at ultrashort echo times on a clinical platform at 3T and 7T
Recently, the spin‐echo full‐intensity acquired localized (SPECIAL) spectroscopy technique was proposed to unite the advantages of short TEs on the order of milliseconds (ms) with full sensitivityExpand
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Steady‐State Cerebral Glucose Concentrations and Transport in the Human Brain
Abstract: Understanding the mechanism of brain glucose transport across the blood‐brain barrier is of importance to understanding brain energy metabolism. The specific kinetics of glucose transportExpand
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In vivo 1H NMR spectroscopy of the human brain at 7 T
In vivo 1H NMR spectra from the human brain were measured at 7 T. Ultrashort echo‐time STEAM was used to minimize J‐modulation and signal attenuation caused by the shorter T2 of metabolites. PreciseExpand
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