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Nonresponse Rates and Nonresponse Bias in Household Surveys
Many surveys of the U.S. household population are experiencing higher refusal rates. Nonresponse can, but need not, induce nonresponse bias in survey estimates. Recent empirical findings illustrate
Nonresponse In Household Interview Surveys
An Introduction to Survey Participation. A Conceptual Framework for Survey Participation. Data Resources for Testing Theories of Survey Participation. Influences on the Likelihood of Contact.
The lack of full participation in sample surveys threatens the inferential value of the survey method. We review a set of conceptual developments and experimental findings that appear to be
Leverage-saliency theory of survey participation: description and an illustration.
Un modele theorique de la participation a une enquete est presente, rendant compte de la facon par laquelle les differences entre les participants peuvent affecter les traits memes de la structure de
Responsive design for household surveys: tools for actively controlling survey errors and costs
The paper defines responsive design and uses examples to illustrate the responsive use of paradata to guide mid-survey decisions affecting the non-response, measurement and sampling variance properties of resulting statistics.
The Impact of Nonresponse Rates on Nonresponse Bias A Meta-Analysis
Fifty-nine methodological studies were designed to estimate the magnitude of nonresponse bias in statistics of interest. These studies use a variety of designs: sampling frames with rich variables,
Consequences of reducing nonresponse in a national telephone survey.
This study compares two random digit dial national telephone surveys that used identical questionnaires but very different levels of effort, finding very few significant differences on attention to media and engagement in politics, social trust and connectedness, and most social and political attitudes.
Survey Errors and Survey Costs.
1. An Introduction to Survey Errors.1.1 Diverse Perspectives on Survey Research.1.2 The Themes of Integration: Errors and Costs.1.3 The Languages of Error.1.4 Classifications of Error Within Survey