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A Systematic Theory of Argumentation: The pragma-dialectical approach
1. Introduction 2. The realm of argumentation studies 3. A model of a critical discussion 4. Relevance 5. Analysis as reconstruction 6. Rules for a critical discussion 7. Fallacies 8. A code ofExpand
Argumentation, Communication, and Fallacies: A Pragma-dialectical Perspective
Contents: Part I:Argumentation and Communication. The Pragma-Dialectical Approach. Standpoints and Differences of Opinion. Argumentation as a Complex Speech Act. Speech Acts in a Critical Discussion.Expand
Fundamentals of Argumentation Theory : A Handbook of Historical Backgrounds and Contemporary Developments
Contents: Preface. Introduction. Part I: Historical Backgrounds. Analytic, Dialectic and Rhetoric. Analysis of Fallacies, Controversy, and Discussion. Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca's New Rhetoric.Expand
Reconstructing Argumentative Discourse
Reconstructing Argumentative Discourse analyzes argumentation in ordinary disputes. The analysis begins with an ideal model: a theoretical structure of discourse that might be used to resolve aExpand
What Is Reasoning? What Is an Argument?*
WHAT IS REASONING? WHAT IS AN ARGUMENT?* T HESE are changing times for logic, as the subject is studied and taught in philosophy departments. In recent years, there has been the advent of informalExpand
Argumentation: Analysis, Evaluation, Presentation
The structure of argumentation,Standpoints and Argumentation, and Fallacies: The Soundness of Argumentation. Expand
Fundamentals Of Argumentation Theory
Types of Dialogue, Dialectical Shifts and Fallacies*
The critical discussion is clearly a major context of dialogue to use as a normative model in evaluating arguments as fallacious or not.1 However, this paper will study other types of dialogue thatExpand