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Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Ecosystems and human well-being: wetlands and water synthesis
The Wetlands and Water synthesis was designed for the Ramsar Convention to meet the need for information about the consequences of ecosystem change for human well-being and sought to strengthen theExpand
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Assessing Landscape Functions with Broad-Scale Environmental Data: Insights Gained from a Prototype Development for Europe
We examine the advantages and disadvantages of a methodological framework designed to analyze the poorly understood relationships between the ecosystem properties of large portions of land, and their capacities (stocks) to provide goods and services (flows). Expand
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Agriculture, water and ecosystems : Avoiding the costs of going too far
In Molden, David (Ed.). Water for food, water for life: a Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture. London, UK: Earthscan; Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Water ManagementExpand
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Environmental functions as a unifying concept for ecology and economics
SummaryIn spite of the increased awareness about many environmental problems, degradation and pollution of the natural environment by human actions still continue on a large scale. Some of the mainExpand
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Selection and use of bio-indicators to assess the possible effects of climate change in Europe
From paleoecological records it is well known that past climate changes have led to considerable changes in the species composition of ecosystems and larger spatial units such as landscapes and evenExpand
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From explanation to application: introducing a practice-oriented ecosystem services evaluation (PRESET) model adapted to the context of landscape planning and management
This paper proposes a practice-oriented ES evaluation (PRESET) model specifically adapted to the requirements of local and regional planning and decision-making contexts and discusses its potential benefits and implications for practice. Expand
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Integrated assessment of wetland services and values as a tool to analyze policy trade-offs and management options: A case study in the Daly and Mary River catchments, northern Australia
This report presents the results of a study carried out between May 2004 and May 2005 as a contribution to the Tropical Rivers Inventory and Assessment Project (TRIAP) of Australia's Tropical RiversExpand
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Asset management integral decision support model for distribution power cables
This paper discusses research performed on modeling the asset management decision process to provide support during the decision process. Expand
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Selection of (bio) indicators to assess effects of freshwater use in wetlands: a case study of s’Albufera de Mallorca, Spain
Parc Natural s’Albufera de Mallorca is an internationally recognised resting area for a wide array of migratory birds, and like most wetlands it has many other ecological functions and socio-economicExpand
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