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Membership Has Its Privileges: The Changing Benefits of Statehood
We argue that system-level international changes have made secessionism more attractive since 1945, and that this is one of the reasons for the recent proliferation of aspiring states. Using originalExpand
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Between Dissolution and Blood: How Administrative Lines and Categories Shape Secessionist Outcomes
  • R. Griffiths
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  • 30 March 2015
Abstract Common wisdom and current scholarship hold that governments need to stand firm in the face of secessionist demands, since permitting the secession of one region can set a precedent forExpand
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Between the sword and the wall: Spain's limited options for Catalan secessionism
We propose a game theoretical model to assess the capacity of Catalonia to become a recognized, independent country with at least a de facto European Union (EU) membership. Support for CatalanExpand
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Manipulating the metabolic response to injury.
In this short review we will concentrate on just one of the features of the metabolic response to injury (classified as accidental trauma, injury or sepsis) which are collectively known as the 'flow'Expand
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Introducing the International System(s) Dataset (ISD), 1816–2011
We argue that the Correlates of War dataset on sovereign state membership has two weaknesses: a requirement that states maintain diplomatic relations with Britain and France, and a size inconsistencyExpand
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Alternative international systems? System structure and violent conflict in nineteenth-century West Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia
Were precolonial state systems different to the European model? If so, how did these state systems vary, and do variations in system structure influence the frequency of war? In this article weExpand
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Admission to the sovereignty club: the past, present, and future of the international recognition regime
ABSTRACT Admission to the sovereignty club: the past, present, and future of the international recognition regime. Territory, Politics, Governance. The rules and practices of sovereign recognitionExpand
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