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Consistent Quantum Theory
1. Introduction 2. Wave functions 3. Linear algebra in Dirac notation 4. Physical properties 5. Probabilities and physical variables 6. Composite systems and tensor products 7. Unitary dynamics 8.Expand
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Quantum Error Correction
Some three-dimensional materials can exhibit exotic properties that only exist in "lower" dimensions. For example, in one-dimensional chains of atoms that emerge within a bulk sample, electrons canExpand
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Concavity of Magnetization of an Ising Ferromagnet in a Positive External Field
An inequality for correlation functions in an Ising model with purely ferromagnetic interactions between pairs of spins is established and used to show that the magnetization in such a model is aExpand
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Correlations in Ising Ferromagnets. I
An inequality relating binary correlation functions for an Ising model with purely ferromagnetic interactions is derived by elementary arguments and used to show that such a ferromagnet cannotExpand
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The (φ4)2 field theory as a classical Ising model
We approximate a (spatially cutoff) (φ4)2 Euclidean field theory by an ensemble of spin 1/2 Ising spins with ferromagnetic pair interactions. This approximation is used to prove a Lee-Yang theoremExpand
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Nonanalytic Behavior Above the Critical Point in a Random Ising Ferromagnet
It is shown that in a class of randomly diluted Ising ferromagnets the magnetization fails to be an analytic function of the field $H$ at $H=0$ for a range of temperatures above that at whichExpand
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We consider the Bennett-Brassard cryptographic scheme, which uses two conjugate quantum bases. An eavesdropper who attempts to obtain information on qubits sent in one of the bases causes aExpand
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B Lymphocytes Differentially Influence Acute and Chronic Allograft Rejection in Mice
The relative contributions of B lymphocytes and plasma cells during allograft rejection remain unclear. Therefore, the effects of B cell depletion on acute cardiac rejection, chronic renal rejection,Expand
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