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Summary Transects across six kelp beds located between Cape Agulhas and Saldanha Bay are surveyed and the fauna and flora quantified in terms of energy units. Numerical analysis and informationExpand
Reproductive cycles in littoral populations of Choromytilus meridionalis (Kr.) and Aulacomya ater (Molina) with a quantitative assessment of gamete production in the former
Abstract Changes in ovary weight and ovary smears of Choromytilus meridionalis (Kr.) and Aulacomya ater (Molina) showed the breeding season to extend throughout the spring and summer monthsExpand
Population dynamics and growth of the bivalve Choromytilus meridionalis (Kr.) at different tidal levels
Settlement, growth and reproductive output of a population of Choromytilus meridionalis have been monitored at different shore levels at Bailey's Cottage, False Bay, South Africa. Settlement wasExpand
Biology and distribution of the littoral rove beetle Psamathobledius punctatissimus (Le Conte) (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)
The intertidal macrofauna on a small sheltered marine beach at Pawley's Island, South Carolina, was dominated by insects, primarily Psamathobledius punctatissimus, a small beetle which attainedExpand
Aerial exposure and energy input in the bivalve Choromytilus meridionalis (Kr.)
Abstract The effects of aerial exposure on growth, filtration, and assimilation were examined in Choromytilus meridionalis (Kr.) from Bailey's Cottage, False Bay, South Africa. The maximum height atExpand
Pulmonary tuberculosis due to Mycobacterium bovis.
During 1969-84 Mycobacterium bovis was isolated from 20 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. This represented less than 1% of the total cases of respiratory tuberculosis confirmed bacteriologicallyExpand
The effect on sepsis rates of closing and cleaning hospital wards
Sepsis rates were studied in five hospital wards before and after closure for cleaning. Each ward was closed because of an outbreak of Staph. aureus infection caused by a cloxacillin-resistantExpand
Production and energy flow in relation to age and shore level in the bivalve Choromytilus meridionalis (Kr.)
Annual production ( P ) in terms of growth ( P 2 ) and reproduction ( P r ) was calculated for individual Choromytilus meridionalis of various shell lengths. Peak growth production occurred atExpand
Temperature acclimation in Actinia equina L. (Anthozoa)
Abstract Respiratory adaptation to different sea temperatures on the Natal (east) and Table Bay (west) coasts of southern Africa is demonstrated in Actinia equina L. Animals are able to acclimate toExpand