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Global Positioning Systems: A Military Revolution for the Third World?
O? April 15, 1986, United States Air Force F-IlIs bombed Libya in retaliation for a series of terrorist attacks on American citizens overseas. Later that day, Libya launched two Soviet-made SCUD-BExpand
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Security dimensions of 21st century space policy
‘Future Defence Policy’: the Far East as Strategic Backwater, 1945–48
Initial British postwar strategy was predicated on the assumption that Russia was the only power that had both the capability and the intent to threaten Britain’s survival both as a nation and asExpand
Limited Liability and the Defense of Southeast Asia, 1950–54
Communist victory in China presented Indochina, Siam, and Burma with threats from both Communist-backed guerrilla movements and invasion by Chinese forces. To meet these threats, defense officials inExpand
Siam and the Commonwealth Defense of Malaya
From 1950 to 1954 the British developed a series of war plans for Malaya predicated on the assumption that following a Communist victory in Indochina, Siam would either succumb to CommunistExpand
‘To the Last Round’: the Defense of Hong Kong, 1948–50
The advance of the Peoples’ Liberation Army into South China in 1949 posed a potential threat to Hong Kong. The British government followed a two track approach to counter this threat. Its first moveExpand