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Rotational Head Kinematics in Football Impacts: An Injury Risk Function for Concussion
Recent research has suggested a possible link between sports-related concussions and neurodegenerative processes, highlighting the importance of developing methods to accurately quantify head impactExpand
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Analysis of Real-time Head Accelerations in Collegiate Football Players
Objective: To measure and analyze head accelerations during American collegiate football practices and games. Methods: A newly developed in-helmet 6-accelerometer system that transmits data via radioExpand
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Frequency and location of head impact exposures in individual collegiate football players.
CONTEXT Measuring head impact exposure is a critical step toward understanding the mechanism and prevention of sport-related mild traumatic brain (concussion) injury, as well as the possible effectsExpand
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Effect of head impacts on diffusivity measures in a cohort of collegiate contact sport athletes
Objective: To determine whether exposure to repetitive head impacts over a single season affects white matter diffusion measures in collegiate contact sport athletes. Methods: A prospective cohortExpand
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Head impact exposure in collegiate football players.
In American football, impacts to the helmet and the resulting head accelerations are the primary cause of concussion injury and potentially chronic brain injury. The purpose of this study was toExpand
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Cognitive effects of one season of head impacts in a cohort of collegiate contact sport athletes
Objective: To determine whether exposure to repetitive head impacts over a single season negatively affects cognitive performance in collegiate contact sport athletes. Methods: This is a prospectiveExpand
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Measuring Head Kinematics in Football: Correlation Between the Head Impact Telemetry System and Hybrid III Headform
Over the last decade, advances in technology have enabled researchers to evaluate concussion biomechanics through measurement of head impacts sustained during play using two primary methods: (1)Expand
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Group-wise evaluation and comparison of white matter fiber strain and maximum principal strain in sports-related concussion.
Sports-related concussion is a major public health problem in the United States and yet its biomechanical mechanisms remain unclear. In vitro studies demonstrate axonal elongation as a potentialExpand
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An algorithm for estimating acceleration magnitude and impact location using multiple nonorthogonal single-axis accelerometers.
Accelerations of the head are the likely cause of concussion injury, but identifying the specific etiology of concussion has been difficult due to the lack of a valid animal or computer model.Expand
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Maximum Principal Strain and Strain Rate Associated with Concussion Diagnosis Correlates with Changes in Corpus Callosum White Matter Indices
On-field monitoring of head impacts, combined with finite element (FE) biomechanical simulation, allow for predictions of regional strain associated with a diagnosed concussion. However, attempts toExpand
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