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Development of molecular markers for crown rot resistance in wheat: mapping of QTLs for seedling resistance in a '2-49' x 'Janz' population
Phenotypic data indicated that the trait is quantitatively inherited and the combined effect of the QTLs explained 40.6% of the phenotypic variance.
Confirmation of QTL mapping and marker validation for partial seedling resistance to crown rot in wheat line '2-49'
Comparison of SSR haplotypes with those of other genotypes exhibiting partial crown rot resistance suggests that additional, novel sources of crown rot resistant wheat genotypes are available.
Segregation of glutenins in wheat£maize-derived doubled haploid wheat populations
It is concluded that wheat × maize-derived doubled haploid populations represent a unbiased assortment of parental gametes on both arms of Group 1 chromosomes.
First Reports of Diaporthe kongii, D. masirevicii, and D. ueckerae Associated with Stem and Peg Dieback on Peanut in Australia
In July 2016, peanuts with symptoms of stem and peg dieback were collected from Kingaroy, Childers, and Bundaberg regions in Queensland, Australia and pathogenicity testing was conducted, finding D. kongii, D. masirevicii, and D. ueckerae were pathogenic on peanuts, causing significant stem dieback.