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Milking Diatoms for Sustainable Energy: Biochemical Engineering versus Gasoline-Secreting Diatom Solar Panels
In the face of increasing CO2 emissions from conventional energy (gasoline), and the anticipated scarcity of Crude oil, a worldwide effort is underway for cost-effective renewable alternative energyExpand
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The Meanings and Implications of Convergence
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A simple magnetic separation method for high-yield isolation of pure primary microglia
Microglial cells play a dynamic role in the brain beyond their established function of immune surveillance. Activated microglia play key roles in neural development, neuroinflammation, neural repairExpand
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Doctor in the House
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Specific inhibition of NLRP3 in chikungunya disease reveals a role for inflammasomes in alphavirus-induced inflammation
Mosquito-borne viruses can cause severe inflammatory diseases and there are limited therapeutic solutions targeted specifically at virus-induced inflammation. Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), a re-emergingExpand
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Emotional Disorders of Children in a Rapidly Growing Suburb
ANY studies have investigated relationships between social and environmental situation and the occurrence of emotional disorders in children. (2,5,7,8,24) This paper is concerned with communityExpand
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A retaliatory role for algal projectiles, with implications for the mechanochemistry of diatom gliding motility*
It is shown that the projectiles ejected by discobolocysts in the single-celled Chrysophyceaen alga Ochromonas tuberculatus travel at speeds of up to 0·26 km/s, as fast as a bullet from a low powerExpand
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