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Acute toxicity of Garlon 4 and Roundup herbicides to Salmon,Daphnia, and trout
Acute lethal toxicity of ammonia and suspended sediment mixtures to chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
  • J. A. Servizi, R. Gordon
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Bulletin of environmental contamination and…
  • 1 April 1990
Studies related to biological detoxification of kraft pulp mill effluent. I. The biodegradation of dehydroabietic acid with Mortierella isabellina
A study related to biological detoxification of kraft pulp mill effluent is presented. A series of fungal and bacterial preparations were evaluated for their action on dehydroabietic acid (DHA), on...
Use of cellulose acetate electrophoresis in the taxonomy of steinernematids (rhabditida, nematoda).
Cellulose acetate electrophoresis could prove invaluable for taxonomic identification of isolates of steinernematids, provided that a combination of enzymes is used. Expand
Effect of propagation temperatures on temperature tolerances of entomopathogenic nematodes
Two strains of S. feltiae were the most cold tolerant of the four isolates, but their capacities to withstand freezing were diminished by propagation at warmer temperatures. Expand
Effects of Two Carbamates on Infective Juveniles of Stemernema carpocapsae All Strain and Steinernema feltiae Umeå Strain.
Determinations of infective doses of nematodes required to cause 50% mortality of Galleria mellonella larvae showed that the infectivity of IJ that survived exposure to either of the two carbamates was not compromised by treatment. Expand
Free amino acid composition of the hemolymph of the larval blackflySimulium venustum (Diptera: Simuliidae)
Nachweis, dass die Aminosäure-Zusammensetzung der Hämolymphe vonSimuliumvenustum-Larven total 39.3±1.3 mg Amino N pro 100 ml enthält, wobei als hauptsächliche Ninhydrinpositive Bestandteile derExpand
Mermis nigrescens: physiological relationship with its host, the adult desert locust Schistocerca gregaria.
The nematode suppressed oocyte development and caused oocyte resorption in the female host, and a significant decrease in the level of fat body proteins and amino acids was recorded in infected hosts 16 and 21 days after infection. Expand
Effects of Biotreated Bleached Kraft Mill Effluent on Fingerling Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
Fingerling chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) were chronically exposed in the laboratory to nonlethal biologically treated bleached kraft mill effluent (TBKME) at concentrations andExpand
Mermithid Nematodes: Physiological Relationships with their Insect Hosts.
  • R. Gordon
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of nematology
  • 15 July 1981
This paper assesses the state of knowledge of physiological processes involved in the relationships between insects and their mermithid nematode parasites, and the usefulness of physiological information toward expediting in vitro culture of these nematodes is discussed. Expand