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The beginning of olive (olea europaea) cultivation in the old world: A reassessment
Abstract The olive was one of the first fruit trees cultivated by man. It has been claimed that cultivation of the olive began in Israel during the Chalcolithic Period. Careful botanical examinationExpand
Cultures of the eighth and seventh millennia BP in the southern Levant: A review for the 1990s
The Pottery Neolithic of the southern Levant (the eighth and seventh millennia BP) was a crucial period in which the foundations were laid for the development of complex societies and urbanExpand
Settlement, Demographic, and Economic Patterns in the Highlands of Palestine in the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Periods and the Beginning of Urbanism
The central hill country of Palestine, from the Jezreel Valley in the north to the Beer-sheba Valley in the south, has been almost fully surveyed in the last two decades. The article summarizes theExpand
The Settlements and Population of Palestine during the Early Bronze Age II-III
rT nhe Early Bronze Age II-III is the first urban period in the history of Palestine. It is also the first period for which the size of the settlements and their population can be estimated with aExpand
Settlement and Demographic Processes in Israel's Coastal Plain from the Chalcolithic to the Middle Bronze Age
This study of Israel's coastal plain goes beyond previous settlement and demographic discussions of ancient Palestine in several respects. It considers not only population totals for each period, butExpand
Middle Bronze Age II Palestine: Its Settlements and Population
  • M. Broshi, R. Gophna
  • Geography
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental…
  • 1 February 1986
The population density of ancient settlements according to modern ethnoarchaeological data, and supported by archaeological data, was about 250 persons per hectare. An inventory of all known MB IIAExpand
Crisis, Progress and Urbanization: The Transition from Early Bronze I to Early Bronze II in Palestine
L'auteur presente dans cet article une etude de la periode de transition Bronze ancien 1b/Bronze ancien 2 en Palestine, caracterisee par l'apparition d'une societe urbaine, selon 2 axes de recherche:Expand
Earliest Gold Artifacts in the Levant
BELFER-COHEN, A. I988. "The appearance of symbolic expression in the Upper Pleistocene of the Levant as compared to Westem Europe," in L'homme de N6andertal, vol. 5, La pensee. Edited by M. Otte, pp.Expand