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Thin AMC Structure for Radar Cross-Section Reduction
A thin artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) structure is designed and breadboarded for radar cross-section (RCS) Reduction applications. The design presented in this paper shows the advantage ofExpand
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Enhanced patch-antenna performance by suppressing surface waves using photonic-bandgap substrates
The microstrip patch antenna is a low-profile robust planar structure. A wide range of radiation patterns can be achieved with this type of antenna and, due to the ease of manufacture, is inexpensiveExpand
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Broadband Radar Cross-Section Reduction Using AMC Technology
This paper presents the design, fabrication, and characterization of a planar broadband chessboard structure to reduce the radar cross-section (RCS) of an object. The chessboard -like configurationExpand
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Measurement of the dielectric constant and loss tangent of high dielectric-constant materials at terahertz frequencies
Low-loss high dielectric-constant materials are analyzed in the terahertz frequency range using time-domain spectroscopy. The dielectric constant and loss tangent for steatite, alumina, titaniaExpand
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Modeling and Analysis of Composite Antenna Superstrates Consisting on Grids of Loaded Wires
We study the characteristics and radiation mechanism of antenna superstrates based on closely located periodical grids of loaded wires. An explicit analytical method based on the local field approachExpand
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Improved radiation pattern performance of Gaussian profiled horn antennas
A new horn antenna profile is presented. This new profile based on Gaussian techniques offers the best solution when the requirements related to the radiation pattern are very stringent. Short-hornExpand
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Electromagnetic response and homogenization of grids of ferromagnetic microwires
This contribution presents an analytical formulation for the electromagnetic response of grids of ferromagnetic microwires, where the electromagnetic fields produced by the structure are found byExpand
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Electromagnetic bandgap antennas and components for microwave and (Sub)millimeter wave applications
This paper reviews the primary application areas of electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) technology at microwave and (sub)millimeter wave frequencies. Examples of EBG configurations in the microwave regionExpand
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Dual Circularly Polarized Broadside Beam Metasurface Antenna
This paper presents the design of a modulated metasurface (MTS) antenna capable to provide both right-hand (RH) and left-hand (LH) circularly polarized (CP) boresight radiation at Ku-band (13.5 GHz).Expand
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Choked Gaussian antenna: extremely low sidelobe compact antenna design
A new concept of a really compact corrugated horn antenna for global coverage with very low sidelobe and cross-polar level and quite wide bandwidth is presented in this letter. This consists on theExpand
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