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Automated Probabilistic Reconstruction of White-Matter Pathways in Health and Disease Using an Atlas of the Underlying Anatomy
It is shown that, since the method does not constrain the exact spatial location or shape of the pathways but only their trajectory relative to the surrounding anatomical structures, a set a of healthy training subjects can be used to reconstruct the pathways accurately in patients as well as in controls.
Functional brain mapping of the relaxation response and meditation
The results indicate that the practice of meditation activates neural structures involved in attention and control of the autonomic nervous system.
The neural substrate of arithmetic operations and procedure complexity.
Acupuncture modulates the limbic system and subcortical gray structures of the human brain: Evidence from fMRI studies in normal subjects
Functional magnetic resonance imaging was used to investigate the effects of acupuncture in normal subjects and to provide a foundation for future studies on mechanisms of acupuncture action in therapeutic interventions, suggesting that acupuncture needle manipulation modulates the activity of the limbic system and subcortical structures.
Test–retest and between‐site reliability in a multicenter fMRI study
Estimates of test–retest and between‐site reliability of fMRI assessments were produced in the context of a multicenter fMRI reliability study and found that dropping one site at a time and assessing reliability can be a useful method of assessing the sensitivity of the results to particular sites.