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How long does the Atlantic Rain Forest take to recover after a disturbance? Changes in species composition and ecological features during secondary succession
We evaluated floristic and ecological changes in plant communities after disturbance in Southern Atlantic Rain Forests, in the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Parana´ and SantaExpand
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Phylogeny of Miconia (Melastomataceae): Patterns of Stamen Diversification in a Megadiverse Neotropical Genus
Phylogenetic relationships within Miconia and other genera in the Neotropical tribe Miconieae were investigated using a maximum parsimony analysis of nuclear internal transcribed spacer and ndhFExpand
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Studies on the reproductive biology ofMelastomataceae in “cerrado” vegetation
Controlled pollinations and observations of pollen tube growth, pollen fertility and cytological data were studied in 11 species ofMelastomataceae growing in “cerrado” in SE Brazil. Expand
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O gênero Miconia (Melastomataceae) no Estado do Paraná, Brasil
The genus Miconia Ruiz & Pav. presents 32 species in the State of Parana (Brazil).These species occur mostly at the eastern portion of the state (coastal region, "Serra do Mar" and "PrimeiroExpand
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Sistemas reprodutivos de espécies de Melastomataceae da Serra do Japi, Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brasil
Breeding systems of Melastomataceae in Serra do Japi, Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil). The breeding systems of some Melastomataceae species were investigated in populations from forests on the Serra doExpand
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Amazon plant diversity revealed by a taxonomically verified species list
Significance Large floristic datasets that purportedly represent the diversity and composition of the Amazon tree flora are being widely used to draw conclusions about the patterns and evolution ofExpand
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Polinização em uma comunidade de bromélias em floresta atlântica alto-montana no estado do Paraná, Brasil
The main goals of this research were to characterize the pollinators of a bromeliad community in the Atlantic rain forest, as well as to understand the relationships between bromeliad flowerExpand
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Pattern of tree species diversity in riparian forest fragments of different widths (SE Brazil)
Width is an essential element of the spatial configuration of riparian forests and may be fundamental in determining their corridor function. In the present study we tested the effect of forest widthExpand
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A phylogenetic evaluation of Leandra (Miconieae, Melastomataceae): a polyphyletic genus where the seeds tell the story, not the petals
Melastomataceae is a tropical family of 4500–5000 species divided into nine tribes. The largest tribe, Miconieae, is composed of approximately 2200 species in 30 genera and is found exclusively inExpand
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Análise florística, estrutural e fitogeográfica da vegetação em região de transição entre as Florestas Ombrófilas Mista e Densa Montana, Piraquara, Paraná, Brasil
Os objetivos deste trabalho foram caracterizar a composicao e a estrutura da vegetacao arborea e analisar a distribuicao geografica das especies amostradas em uma regiao de transicao entre asExpand
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