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Soil δ15N patterns in old-growth forests of southern Chile as integrator for N-cycling
This study observed that ecosystems with higher mean annual precipitation and lower mean annual temperature were relatively more depleted in 15N, and found that a forest fire caused a 100-fold increase of the nitrate export and induced an enrichment of the soil δ15N signal in the upper 20 cm. Expand
Soil nitrogen conservation mechanisms in a pristine south Chilean Nothofagus forest ecosystem
Abstract A 15N tracing study was carried out to identify microbial and abiotic nitrogen (N) transformations in a south Chilean Nothofagus betuloides forest soil which is characterized by low N inputsExpand
Aggregate and soil organic carbon dynamics in South Chilean Andisols
Abstract. Extreme sensitivity of soil organic carbon (SOC) to climate and land use change warrants further research in different terrestrial ecosystems. The aim of this study was to investigate theExpand
Mechanisms for retention of bioavailable nitrogen in volcanic rainforest soils
Pristine temperate rainforests are known to produce large amounts of bioavailable nitrogen, with only minimal loss. Tracing 15N in volcanic soils of a temperate evergreen rainforest in southern ChileExpand
Los bosques templados de Chile aun no han sido afectados por una elevada depositacion de nitrogeno (N). Sin embargo, las actividades antropogenicas como el transporte, industria y agricultura se hanExpand
Water and nutrient fluxes in a cool temperate rainforest at the Cordillera de la Costa in southern Chile
Water and nutrient fluxes were studied during a 12-month period in an alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides) forest, located in a remote site at the Cordillera de la Costa (40°05'S) in southern Chile.Expand
Water chemistry and nutrient budgets in an undisturbed evergreen rainforest of Southern Chile
In a pristine evergreen rainforest of Nothofagus betuloides, located at the Cordillera de los Andes in southern Chile (41 °S), concentrations and fluxes of nutrients in bulk precipitation, cloudExpand
Phosphorus fractions and phosphatase activity in an Andisol under different forest ecosystems
Abstract Total phosphorus (P), Olsen P, microbial P and different labile P fractions determined by a modified Hedley procedure, together to acid phosphatase (P-ase), pH and organic C, were analyzedExpand
Precipitation chemistry in deciduous and evergreen Nothofagus forests of southern Chile under a low-deposition climate
Summary The chemistry of rainfall and its redistribution were studied during the periods July 1997–December 1998 in a Nothofagus pumilio (summergreen) forest and in April 1999–March 2000 in aExpand
Functional role of DNRA and nitrite reduction in a pristine south Chilean Nothofagus forest
Nitrite (NO2−) is an intermediate in a variety of soil N cycling processes. However, NO2− dynamics are often not included in studies that explore the N cycle in soil. Within the presented study,Expand