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Effect of Particle Size on the Ice Nucleating Ability of AgIAgBrCuI System
The effect of particle size on the ice nucleating behaviour of AgI-AgBr-CuI system has been studied for the first time. Six samples of different molar ratios and five sizes in each sample areExpand
X-ray diffraction and ice nucleation studies of AgIAgCl solid solutions
Abstract Measurement of ice nucleation threshold temperatures and evaluation of lattice constants for the AgI-AgCl system are reported in this investigation. Thirteen samples of various molarExpand
Ice nucleation at the silver iodide-aqueous solution interface
Abstract The ability of a solid substrate to activate ice nucleation in supercooled water depends on the extent to which it effects the orientation of the adsorbed water molecules into the ice likeExpand
Ice nucleation of AgI — CuBr nucleants in the presence of electric field
Abstract Heterogeneous freezing nucleation in an electric field was studied on six samples of water containing silver iodide and copper bromide. Electric fields of 100 V cm−1 (dc) were applied withExpand
Dielectric Properties of Beta Barium Borate and Potassium Pentaborate Single Crystals
Single crystals of beta barium borate and potassium pentaborate (commonly known as β-BaB 2 O 4 or BBO and KB 5 O 8 .4H 2 O or KB5) were grown by high and low temperature solution growth methods,Expand
Preparation and Thermal Evolution of Sol–Gel Derived Zirconia and Ceria–Zirconia Precursors
Precursor powders of pure and 10 mol% ceria doped zirconia have been prepared by physical gelation of zirconium(IV) dichloride oxide, cerium nitrate, and oxalic acid using triple distilled water asExpand
Electronic absorption spectra of lead iodide
Optical absorption studies on gel grown single crystals and vacuum evaporated thin film of lead iodide have been carried out at room temperature and liquid nitrogen temperature. The exciton peak inExpand
Synthesis and characterization of Y2O3-ZrO2 and Y2O3-CeO2-ZrO2 precursor powders
Abstract Thixotropic gels of the precursor powders of the titled compounds have been prepared by the addition of oxalic acid to the mixed solutions of metal salts at room temperature (≈ 27 °C). TheExpand