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Fish Bulletin 146. Man-Made Reef Ecology
Author(s): Turner, Charles H; Ebert, Earl E; Given, Robert R | Abstract: This report discusses in detail findings and observations made during more than 4 years of study on three experimentalExpand
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Assessing consequences of marine pollution by hydrocarbons using sponges as model organisms.
Pollution has been assessed as a mutagenic activity determined by the Ames test, using radiolabelled benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) as a model pollutant. Experimental animals were sponges, mainly TethyaExpand
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The effect of benzo[a]pyrene on sponges as model organisms in marine pollution.
The majority of the investigations were performed with the marine sponge Tethya lyncurium at concentrations of 2 X 10(-8) to 1 X 10(-11) g/ml of benzo[a]pyrene (BaP). Sea-pollution was characterizedExpand
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EEG monitoring of a free-swimming diver at a working depth of 15 meters.
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The Cumacean Fauna of the Southern California Continental Shelf
[Description et figuration d'une espece de Cumaces appartenant a un nouveau genre et a une nouvelle famille. Discussion taxonomique et defense de la classification de Stebbing (1913). Cette nouvelleExpand
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Fish Bulletin 140. The Marine Environment offshore From Point Loma, San Diego County
Author(s): Turner, Charles H; Ebert, Earl E; Given, Robert R | Abstract: This is the third in a continuing series of marine environment surveys conducted by the California Department of Fish and GameExpand
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Technical training of marine manpower: A course for underwater scientists
A five-week graduate-level program, designed to train marine scientists to do useful work and gather data underwater, is described and outlined. It includes academic coursework in marine biology,Expand
Five Collections of Cumacea from the Alaskan Arctic
Lists, with detailed morphologic and taxonomic information, several species of these crustaceans collected 1948-1950 by various parties. The latter, working in the area described, with pertinentExpand
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