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Characteristics of Adolescents Who Report Very High Life Satisfaction
This study investigated the characteristics of adolescents who report high levels of life global satisfaction. A total of 485 adolescents completed the Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale (SLSS)Expand
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A review of life satisfaction research with children and adolescents.
An important construct in positive psychology is life satisfaction (LS). Although its importance has been recognized by some school psychologists, research findings have remained unsynthesized. InExpand
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Further Validation of the Multidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction Scale
The psychometric properties of a children's life satisfaction measure (MSLSS; Huebner, 1994) were assessed with a middle school sample of 291 students. Similar to findings with elementary schoolExpand
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Perceptions of School Psychological Services by Education Professionals: Results from a Multi-State Survey Pilot Study
Abstract The role and functions of school psychologist have been a topic of much discussion. Reform efforts recommend that school psychology should involve stakeholders, including educationExpand
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A First Study of the Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale with Adolescents
The psychometric properties of the MultidimensionalStudents’ Life Satisfaction Scale (MSLSS: Huebner, 1994) were assessed with a sample of adolescents fromgrades 9–12. Results of confirmatory factorExpand
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Structured extracurricular activities among adolescents: Findings and implications for school psychologists
One factor that contributes to adolescent positive mental health is active engagement. Engagement is defined as any activity that is initiated to attain an outcome. In general, two forms ofExpand
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Relative levels of hope and their relationship with academic and psychological indicators among adolescents.
Abstract The major goals of this study were to (a) investigate the relationships among adolescent students' levels of hope and various academic and psychological indicators of school adjustment, andExpand
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Children's Reports of Their Life Satisfaction
Two studies investigated the properties of a children's subjective well-being measure, the Student's Life Satisfaction Scale (SLSS), with middle school students. The first study explored convergentExpand
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A First Study of Perfectionism and Multidimensional Life Satisfaction among Adolescents
Current conceptualizations of perfectionism view the construct as consisting of two subtypes: adaptive and maladaptive. Although research in perfectionism has investigated negative outcomes such asExpand
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The Relationship between Life Satisfaction, Social Interest, and Frequency of Extracurricular Activities among Adolescent Students
The relationship between life satisfaction, social interest, and participation in extracurricular activities was assessed among adolescent students. A total of 321 high school adolescents (GradesExpand
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