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Late Quaternary lake levels in southern Afar and the adjacent Ethopian Rift
A PERENNIAL problem in using evidence of changing lake levels and river activity to reconstruct Quaternary environments in East Africa stems from our frequent inability to distinguish between effectsExpand
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Fluvially transported charcoal gives erroneous 14C ages for recent deposits
IN carbon dating of material included in fluviatile deposits, it is usually assumed that either there is little age difference between the dateable material and the fluvial deposit, or that the 14CExpand
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Two capitals : London and Dublin, 1500-1840
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Colonial Ulster: The Settlement of East Ulster, 1600-1641@@@The Plantation of Ulster: British Settlement in an Irish Landscape, 1600-1670
"Where does Ireland fit into the story of English expansion?" a contributor asked in the I978 festschrift for David Beers Quinn (The Westward Enterprise [Liverpool], 45). It is an old question thatExpand
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Devoted People: Belief and Religion in Early Modern Ireland
The inventions of men in the worship of God people of Ireland - people of God the hand of God - a providential world symbols and meaning - shaping lay belief sacred times, holy places a world ofExpand
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Review: Clonmel 1840–1900: Anatomy of an Irish Town
These extensive travel journals of Robert Graham of Redgorton, who managed the Perthshire estates and political interests of his cousin Lord Lynedoch, are an important source for the social andExpand
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The Local History Project: Co-operating North and South
The report aimed to provide a solid basis for future practical collaboration in local history on an all-Ireland basis through its investigation of the extent of local history activity and theExpand
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