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Folded waveguide traveling-wave tube sources for terahertz radiation
Microfabricated folded waveguide traveling-wave tubes (TWTs) are potential compact sources of wide-band, high-power terahertz radiation. We present feasibility studies of an oscillator concept usingExpand
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Spectroscopic measurements in the post-hole convolute on Sandia's Z-Machine (invited)
Pulsed power is a key driver for high energy density (HED) science. The Z-Machine is the world's largest pulsed power driver, and as such is one of the foremost platforms for HED science. The doubleExpand
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Recirculating Planar Magnetrons for High-Power High-Frequency Radiation Generation
We present designs and simulations of a new class of magnetron, the recirculating planar magnetron. This magnetron has numerous advantages as a high-power microwave generator, including largerExpand
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Magnetic Priming at the Cathode of a Relativistic Magnetron
Experiments have been performed in testing magnetic priming at the cathode of a relativistic magnetron to study the effects on high-power microwave performance. Magnetic priming consists of N/2Expand
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Effect of pulsed, high-power radiofrequency radiation on electroporation of mammalian cells
Experiments have been performed to investigate the nonthermal response of biological cells to pulsed, high-power (/spl sim/GW/m/sup 3/), radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Effects of 25-kHzExpand
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Radio frequency priming of a long-pulse relativistic magnetron
Rapid startup, increased pulsewidth, and mode locking of magnetrons have been explored experimentally on a relativistic magnetron by radio frequency (RF) priming. Experiments utilize a -300 kV, 2-8Expand
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Simulation of rapid startup in microwave magnetrons with azimuthally-varying axial magnetic fields
Recent experiments have shown that the sidebands and the close-in noise in a microwave oven magnetron may be virtually eliminated by the addition of an azimuthally varying axial magnetic field. NotExpand
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Simulations of magnetic priming in a relativistic magnetron
Two-dimensional simulations have been performed on a six-vane relativistic magnetron with uniform axial magnetic fields versus azimuthally varying axial magnetic fields, defined as magnetic priming.Expand
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Effects of random circuit fabrication errors on small signal gain and phase in traveling wave tubes
We evaluate the effects of small random fabrication errors on the small signal characteristics of a traveling wave tube.The classical ID small signal theory of Pierce, is applied. Random, axiallyExpand
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Rapid kinematic bunching and parametric instability in a crossed-field gap with a periodic magnetic field
Single particle orbit considerations show that the cycloidal orbits of electrons in a gap with crossed electric and magnetic fields lead to rapid spoke formation if the external magnetic field has aExpand
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