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The Economy and Second-Level Agenda Setting: A Time-Series Analysis of Economic News and Public Opinion about the Economy
Data from a content analysis of forty-eight months of print and broadcast news about the economy were combined in time-series analyses with two indicators of consumer economic evaluations and threeExpand
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Reading between the Photographs: The Influence of Incidental Pictorial Information on Issue Perception
A news report on an Appalachian tick disease was differently illustrated. It either contained no images, an image of ticks, or this tick image plus three child victims. The victims were ethnicallyExpand
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Effects of Photographs in News-Magazine Reports on issue Perception
The influence of photographs in news-magazine reports was investigated in two related studies. One report addressed the economics of farming and focused on the growing gap between poor and richExpand
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Exaggerated Versus Representative Exemplification in News Reports
A news report on carjacking, presented in magazine format, was manipulated to create versions differing in exemplar distortion (minimally, mildly, substantially, and extremely) and precision of baseExpand
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Radical Rap: Does It Further Ethnic Division?
African-American and White high-school students were exposed to a series of music videos featuring (a) popular rock, Co) nonpolitical rap, or (c) radical political rap. They recorded their enjoymentExpand
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Effects of Exemplification in News Reports on the Perception of Social Issues
A news report on the plight of a minority of American family farmers was manipulated to create versions differing in the degree of precision of general information (precise, imprecise) and in the useExpand
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Gendered Relationships on Television: Portrayals of Same-Sex and Heterosexual Couples
Although intimate heterosexual couples often exhibit power imbalances in gender role behaviors, with one partner more dominant and the other more submissive, it is unclear whether the same is trueExpand
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The Agenda-Setting Function of National Versus Local Media: A Time-Series Analysis for the Issue of Same-Sex Marriage
This study compares the agenda-setting effects of national and local media on public salience in a market where an issue was both local and national with the effects in a market where it wasExpand
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Compassion, Morality and the Media
Compassion, Morality and the Media. Keith Tester. Philadelphia, PA: Open University Press, 2001. 152 pp. $23.95 pbk. Compassion, Morality and the Media is a cultural analysis of the effects of mediaExpand
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The Impact of Quotation in News Reports on Issue Perception
Respondents presented with news reports containing one-sided direct personal testimony challenging the safety of amusement parks perceived the overall safety of such parks to be less adequate thanExpand
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