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Phonological variation in French : illustrations from three continents
1. Chapter 1. Introduction to phonological variation in French: Illustrations from three continents (by Gess, Randall) 2. Part I. Africa 3. Chapter 2. A phonological study of French spoken byExpand
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On Re-Ranking and Explanatory Adequacy in a Constraint-Based Theory of Phonological Change
This chapter provides a critical examination of the notion of phonological constraint re-ranking as it relates to phonological change. For discussion and illustration, I use as case studies twoExpand
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Reductive sound change and the perception/production interface
In this article, I propose a phonetically-oriented constraint-based model of speech production that differs from recent approaches in assuming preservation constraints that refer directly toExpand
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Compensatory lengthening and structure preservation revisited
In de Chene & Anderson's (1979) article on compensatory lengthening, the authors make two strong claims as to the universal nature of compensatory elongation. Expand
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Focusing on Phonology to Teach Morphological Form in French
Much recent research in language pedagogy has advocated a form–focused approach, noting that input can be tailored to promote acquisition of specific phenomena (R. Ellis, 1990; Harley, 1993;Expand
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Rethinking the dating of old French syllable-final consonant loss
SUMMARYBased on the assumption that the loss of the Old French word-internal syllable-final consonants (/S/ ( = [s] and [z]), /N/ ( = all nasal consonants), forward a unified analysis of theseExpand
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