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Generalization of HGMS theory: The capture of ultra-fine particles
A generalized HGMS theory describing particle capture of ultra-fine particles is formulated and the conditions for the appearance of the dynamic and static buildup are analyzed. A particle sizeExpand
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2-D Simulation of ultra-fine particle capture by a single-wire magnetic collector
A two-dimensional theoretical model for the capture of ultrafine particles on a single-wire HGMS (high-gradient magnetic separator) collector has been developed. A full set of boundary conditions isExpand
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Theory of particle capture in axial filters for high gradient magnetic separation
A theory of capture of magnetic particles, in axially ordered filters, carried by laminar flow of a viscous fluid is presented. The particle trajectories are obtained in an analytical nearly closedExpand
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Magnetic separation of submicron particles
The application of high gradient magnetic separation to the capture of submicron-sized particles is studied. The steady state solution of the diffusion equation applicable to diffusion processesExpand
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Sensors for magnetic bearings
A variety of distance sensors suitable for application to magnetic levitation is examined. The characteristics of the sensors regarding the phase shift between in- and outgoing signals, frequencyExpand
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Theory and design of axially ordered filters for high intensity magnetic separation
A single-wire theory of an axially ordered filter has been developed and its consequencies discussed. A typical example of the design of ordered filters has been investigated and attention given toExpand
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Fabrication and superconducting transport properties of bicrystal grain boundary Josephson junctions on different substrates
We have reproducibly fabricated YBa/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 7-/spl delta// (YBCO) grain boundary Josephson junctions (GBJs) on SrTiO/sub 3/ and MgO bicrystals as well as by introducing buffer layersExpand
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Theory and performance of axial magnetic filters in laminar flow conditions
A theory of particle capture in axially ordered filters in conditions of laminar flow is described and its consequences discussed. The severe limitation impossed upon axial filter capture efficiencyExpand
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Laminar flow model of particle capture of axial magnetic filters
Existing theories of particle capture in high gradient magnetic separation are limited by the widespread use of the model of ideal frictionless potential flow. The high symmetry associated with theExpand
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Development of active magnetic bearings for high speed rotors
A magnetically fully levitated rotor system has been designed and built. It consists of stator and rotor bearings for the rotating shaft, an electronic control system, an optical sensing system, andExpand
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