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Quadratic Span Programs and Succinct NIZKs without PCPs
We introduce a new characterization of the NP complexity class, called Quadratic Span Programs (QSPs), which is a natural extension of span programs defined by Karchmer and Wigderson. Expand
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Secure Distributed Key Generation for Discrete-Log Based Cryptosystems
A Distributed Key Generation (DKG) protocol is an essential component of threshold Cryptosystems required to initialize the cryptosystem securely and generate its private and public keys. Expand
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Non-interactive Verifiable Computing: Outsourcing Computation to Untrusted Workers
The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the US Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Government, UK Ministry of Defense, UK Government, or NSF. Expand
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A Framework for Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange
We present a general framework for passwordbased authenticated key exchange protocols, in the common reference string model, that can be described using just three high-level cryptographic tools. Expand
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Secure Hash-and-Sign Signatures Without the Random Oracle
We present a new signature scheme which is existentially unforgeable under chosen message attacks, assuming some variant of the RSA conjecture. Expand
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A Secure and Optimally Efficient Multi-Authority Election Scheme
We present a new multi-authority secret-ballot election scheme that guarantees privacy, universal verifiability, and robustness. Expand
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Simplified VSS and fast-track multiparty computations with applications to threshold cryptography
The goal of this paper is to introduce a simple verifiable secret sharing scheme which is based on fast cryptographic primitives and avoids altogether the need for expensive zero-knowledge proofs. Expand
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How to Sign Digital Streams
We present a new efficient paradigm for signing digital streams to prove their authenticity and present proofs of security of our constructions. Expand
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Robust Threshold DSS Signatures
We present threshold DSS (digital signature standard) signatures where the power to sign is shared by n players such that for a given parameter t Using a threshold signature scheme, digital signatures can be produced by a group of players rather than by one party. Expand
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