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Molecular characterization of Buffalograss germplasm using sequence-related amplified polymorphism markers
This is the first report of the detection of differentiating diploid, tetraploids, pentaploids and hexaploid buffalograss genotypes, representing diverse locations of origin, using SRAP markers. Expand
Miscanthus × giganteus productivity: the effects of management in different environments
This study investigated the establishment success, plant growth, and dry biomass yield of M. × giganteus during its first three seasons at four locations (Urbana, IL; Lexington, KY; Mead, NE; Adelphia, NJ) in the United States. Expand
Imidazolinone herbicides improve restoration of Great Plains grasslands
Evidence is provided that the imidazolinone herbicides can be important components of integrated weed management strategies designed to reverse deterioration of grasslands by reestablishing native species, improving grassland productivity, and decreasing the prevalence of exotic weeds. Expand
A Waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) Population Resistant to 2,4-D
A waterhemp population from a native-grass seed production field in Nebraska was no longer effectively controlled by 2,4-D, and dose-response studies were conducted to determine if this population was herbicide resistant. Expand
Native Wildflower Establishment withImidazolinone Herbicides
Based on these findings, imazethapyr and imazapic can reduce weed interference and improve the establishment of some native wildflowers in areas with high weed infestations. Expand
Application of Sequence-related Amplified Polymorphism Markers for Characterization of Turfgrass Species
This research indicates that the SRAP markers are useful for estimating genetic relationships in a wide range of turfgrass species and can provide a useful reference for future turfgrass breeding efforts. Expand
Establishment of big bluestem and Illinois bundleflower mixtures with imazapic and imazethapyr
Imazapic and imazethapyr can improve the establishment of big bluestem and Illinois bundleflower mixtures. Expand
Colorant Effects on Dormant Buffalograss Turf Performance
Results support the use of colorants as a means of extending the green appearance, and enhancing dormant buffalograss turf performance. Expand
Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska
Biomass production of herbaceous energy crops in the United States: field trial results and yield potential maps from the multiyear regional feedstock partnership
Current knowledge of yield potential and best agronomic management practices for perennial bioenergy grasses is primarily derived from small‐scale and short‐term studies, yet these studies informExpand