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Field Techniques for Measuring Wetland Soil Parameters
Delineating wetlands from nonwetlands in seasonally inundated ecosystems is often difficult and requires data on soil functions and attributes. Techniques (including equipment design, construction,Expand
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The influence of arsenic chemical form and concentration on Spartina patens and Spartina alterniflora growth and tissue arsenic concentration
Arsenic (As) uptake by two perennial coastal marsh grasses growing in hydroponic conditions was studied in relation to the chemical form and concentration of As added to nutrient solution. A 4×3×2Expand
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In wetland surface sediments of Louisiana, arsenic (As) concentrations are elevated because of a wide use of inorganic arsenicals as cotton desiccants and of organic arsenicals as herbicides inExpand
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Effects of ferric iron reduction and regeneration on nitrous oxide and methane emissions in a rice soil.
A laboratory soil slurry experiment and an outdoor pot experiment were conducted to study effects of ferric iron (Fe(III)) reduction and regeneration on nitrous oxide (N(2)O) and methane (CH(4))Expand
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Effect of Exopolymers on the Liquid Limit of Clays and Its Engineering Implications
An experimental study aimed at understanding the interactions between exopolymers exuded by microorganisms and clays, particularly kaolinite, is described. Two biopolymers–-xanthan gum, an anionicExpand
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Factors affecting the adsorption of 2,4-D and methyl parathion in soils and sediments
Abstract The adsorption of methyl parathion and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) by 19 soil and sediment materials differing widely in their physical and chemical properties was investigatedExpand
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Toxic chemicals and trace metals from urban and rural louisiana lakes: recent historical profiles and toxicological significance.
Sediment cores collected from lakes in rural and urban/industrial areas of Louisiana were dated using 137 Cs, sectioned, and analyzed for a wide range of pollutant chemicals deposited during theExpand
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Total Hg, methyl Hg and other toxic heavy metals in a northern Gulf of Mexico estuary: Louisiana Pontchartrain basin
Concentration of total Hg, methyl Hg, and other heavy metals were determined in sediment collected along a salinity gradient in a Louisiana Gulf Coast estuary. Surface sediment was collected atExpand
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Pathogen indicator microbes and heavy metals in Lake Pontchartrain following Hurricane Katrina.
Storm surge and several breaches of the New Orleans, Louisiana levee system caused flooding of more than 80% of the city following Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Most of the floodwaters pumped outExpand
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Synthesis, Characterization, and Mechanical Properties of Red Mud–Based Geopolymers
A pilot study investigates the potential of reusing red mud, an abundant industrial waste produced from alumina refining by the Bayer process, by geopolymerization reactions with another solid waste,Expand
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