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Alzheimer’s-Causing Mutations Shift Aβ Length by Destabilizing γ-Secretase-Aβn Interactions
Alzheimer's disease (AD)-linked mutations in Presenilins (PSEN) and the amyloid precursor protein (APP) lead to production of longer amyloidogenic Aβ peptides. The shift in Aβ length is fundamentalExpand
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Host Intraspatial Selection of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Populations
Abstract Arkansas (Ark)-type infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) subpopulations with an S gene sequence distinct from the vaccine predominant consensus were previously found in the upper respiratoryExpand
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Infectious Bronchitis Virus Subpopulations in Vaccinated Chickens After Challenge
SUMMARY. Infectious bronchitis coronavirus (IBV) shows extensive genotypic and phenotypic variability. The evolutionary process involves generation of genetic diversity by mutations and recombinationExpand
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Bovine viral diarrhea virus fetal persistent infection after immunization with a contaminated modified-live virus vaccine.
The objective was to determine whether a multivalent modified-live virus vaccine containing noncytopathic bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) administered off-label to pregnant cattle can result inExpand
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Novel Mechanisms Revealed in the Trachea Transcriptome of Resistant and Susceptible Chicken Lines following Infection with Newcastle Disease Virus
ABSTRACT Newcastle disease virus (NDV) has a devastating impact on poultry production in developing countries. This study examined the transcriptome of tracheal epithelial cells from two inbredExpand
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Novel analysis of the Harderian gland transcriptome response to Newcastle disease virus in two inbred chicken lines
Behind each eye of the chicken resides a unique lymph tissue, the Harderian gland, for which RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) analysis is novel. We characterized the response of this tissue to NewcastleExpand
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Evolution of avian encephalomyelitis virus during embryo-adaptation.
Wild-type avian encephalomyelitis virus (AEV) causes neurological signs in young chicks but no disease in pullets after oral or intracutaneous infection. However, if the virus gets embryo-adapted byExpand
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Physiological responses to heat stress in two genetically distinct chicken inbred lines
Abstract High ambient temperature is one of the most important environmental factors negatively impacting poultry production and health. Genetics is an important contributor in mitigating the stressExpand
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Immunoglobulin A as an Early Humoral Responder After Mucosal Avian Coronavirus Vaccination
SUMMARY Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) is a highly contagious coronavirus prevalent in all countries with an extensive poultry industry and continues to cause economic losses. IBV strains of theExpand
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