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New and interesting moths from the East Palaearctic (Lepidoptera: Tineidae). Contributions to the knowledge East Palaearctic insects (11).
Die Ergebnisse der Bearbeitung von undeterminiertem Material aus dem Fernen Osten Ruslands sowie aus Japan werden vorgelegt. Als neue Arten wurden beschrieben: Dryadaula ussurica, D. multifurcata,Expand
A revision of the Eudarcia glaseri-species group (Lepidoptera, Meessiidae) with description of two new species from Greece and Crimea.
The Eudarcia glaseri-species group is revised. Four species are recognized, two of which are described as new: E. ignorata, sp. n. (Greece) and E. saxatilis, sp. n. (Crimea). E. abchasicumExpand
New and poorly known Tineidae from the Western Palaearctic (Lepidoptera).
Im Ergebnis der Untersuchung von Tineiden-Material, welches in zahlreichen Landern der Westpalaarktis gesammelt wurde, konnten fur 8 Lander Erstfunde festgestellt werden, zwei davon sind ErstfundeExpand
New and poorly known Palaearctic Microlepidoptera (Tineidae, Acrolepiidae, Douglasiidae, Epermeniidae)
Abstract. A study of 216 specimens of Tineidae, Acrolepiidae, Douglasiidae, and Epermeniidae establishes 73 first country records, three first records apart from the type series, one first record forExpand
New records of Tineidae from the Maltese Islands including description of a new species Eudarcia melitensis sp. n. (Lepidoptera)
Four species, Eudarcia derrai, Proterospastis autochthones, Phereoeca lodli and Tinea messalina are recorded for the first time from the Maltese islands and eight previously recorded species are confirmed. Expand
Contributions to the knowledge of Palaearctic Tineidae
The previous- ly unknown female genitalia of Nemapogon somchetiella Zagulajev, 1961 and Infurcitinea vanderwolfi Gaedike, 1997 are described for the first time. Expand
New and poorly known Lepidoptera from the West Palaearctic (Tineidae, Acrolepiidae, Douglasiidae, Epermeniidae)
As the result of the study of extensive material from several countries of the West Palaearctic, 26 species are newly recorded from 28 countries and two species are transferred from Paratinea Petersen, 1957, to Crypsithyris Meyrick, 1907. Expand
New species and records of the Nearctic Epermeniidae (Lepidoptera)
The variability of the valva in Ochromolopis ramapoella (Kearfott, 1903) is recognized and illustrated and a key and checklist to the Nearctic Epermeniidae are given. Expand
The Tineidae in the Lepidoptera collection of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection (IRIPP) (Lepidoptera: Tineidae)
The examination of the tineid moths in the Microlepidoptera collection of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Tehran (IRIPP) shows 27 species...