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Historical biogeography and diversification within the Neotropical parrot genus Pionopsitta (Aves: Psittacidae)
Aim We investigate spatial and temporal patterns of diversification within the Neotropical avifauna using the phylogenetic history of parrots traditionally belonging to the genus PionopsittaExpand
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Description of a New Species of Pionopsitta (Aves: Psittacidae) Endemic to Brazil
Abstract A new species from Brazil—Pionopsitta aurantiocephala—is described, which is easily distinguished from the other species of that genus by its completely bare, intensely orange colored head.Expand
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Six species of Amazonian Woodcreepers (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae) preying upon lizards and frogs
Dietary data from a large sample of woodcreepers (16 spp., n = 139), revealed that six species of dendrocolaptids occasionally feed upon lizards and frogs. These birds, which are mainlyExpand
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Syrinx anatomy of the Dendrocolaptidae (Aves, Passeriformes). The syrinx is the vocal organ of the birds and it corresponds to a modification of the apparatus respiratorius, being at most of theExpand
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The status of three little known names proposed by Miranda-Ribeiro (1926) and the synonymization of Pyrrhura snethlageae Joseph & Bates, 2002 (Psittaciformes: Psittacidae: Arinae).
The presence of complex geographic variation among species allied to the absence of clear morphological breaks among populations has led to many poorly defined taxa in the genus PyrrhuraExpand
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