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Principles and procedures of statistics: a biometrical approach (2nd ed)
Observations probability sampling from a normal distribution comparisons involving two sample means principles of experimental design analysis of variance I - the one-way classification mutipleExpand
A Rank Sum Test for Comparing All Pairs of Treatments
A multiple comparison rank sum test, for the simultaneous comparison of all pairs of treatments in a one-way classification with equal numbers of observations, is presented. An example is worked andExpand
A multiple comparison rank sum test: Treatments versus control.
Problems of applied research have necessitated the investigation of multiple comparison procedures. Such investigations have been carried out almost entirely within the framework of the analysis ofExpand
Tables for a Treatments Versus Control Multiple Comparisons Sign Test
Tables are presented for a multiple comparisons sign test comparing each treatment with a control. An illustration of the test procedure is provided, and the tables are also used to constructExpand
A Multiple Comparison Sign Test: Treatments Versus Control
Let (Xoj, X1j, …, Xkj) be the result of a single trial, where the subscripts o is associated with a control and the subscripts 1, …, k with treatments. To test the joint hypothesis P(Xij – Xoj >Expand
163 Query: Error Rates in Multiple Comparisons
Some Rank Sum Multiple Comparisons Tests
A number of nonparametric tests based on ranks have been proposed for the comparison of treatments in a completely random design. For example, we have the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test [21, 10],Expand