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Sperm morphology: Its relevance to compensable and uncompensable traits in semen.
The nature of subfertility due to the male or inseminate is as complex as that of the female. Fertilization failure, and failure in embryogenesis, are both of seminal origin. Males also differ in theExpand
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Relationship of seminal traits and insemination time to fertilization rate and embryo quality.
The nature of subfertility due to the male or inseminate is as complex as that of the female. Fertilization failure or failure in embryogenesis are both documented to be of seminal origin. Males alsoExpand
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Effect of time of insemination on number of accessory sperm, fertilization rate, and embryo quality in nonlactating dairy cattle.
Two experiments were conducted to determine the effect of insemination time on number of accessory sperm per embryo (ovum), fertilization rate, and embryo quality. Semen was collected from threeExpand
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Effects of elevated testicular temperature on morphology characteristics of ejaculated spermatozoa in the bovine
Abstract A mild thermal insult to the testes was studied with respect to ejaculated sperm motility and morphology. A 48-h scrotal insulation was administered to 6 young Holstein bulls whose semen wasExpand
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Accessory sperm: their importance to fertility and embryo quality, and attempts to alter their numbers in artificially inseminated cattle.
Accessory sperm number and its relationship to fertilization and embryo quality was evaluated in cattle after nonsurgical recovery of ova or embryos 6 d after insemination. Efforts to alter accessoryExpand
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Survival of Honey Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Spermatozoa Incubated at Room Temperature from Drones Exposed to Miticides
Abstract We conducted research to examine the potential impacts of coumaphos, fluvalinate, and Apilife VAR (Thymol) on drone honey bee, Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae), sperm viability overExpand
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Influence of freeze rate, thaw rate and glycerol level on acrosomal retention and survival of bovine spermatozoa frozen in French straws.
A three-dimensional central composite design was used to study the effect of glycerol level, freeze rate, and thaw rate on acrosomal retention and percent motility. Glycerol levels examined were: 1,Expand
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The sperm chromatin structure assay. Relationship with alternate tests of semen quality and heterospermic performance of bulls.
Data obtained by the sperm chromatin structure assay (SCSA) on spermatozoa from nine bulls were correlated with fertility, measured by heterospermic performance (-0.94, P less than 0.01) and byExpand
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Relationship of semen quality to sperm transport, fertilization, and embryo quality in ruminants
Abstract Success of a mating is dependent upon both quality and quantity of semen delivered to the female. Males differ not only in fertility at all inseminate dosages, but also in the minimum numberExpand
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Microencapsulation of bovine spermatozoa.
Two experiments were conducted to examine the efficacy of microencapsulation of bovine spermatozoa for use in artificial insemination. In Exp. 1, sperm were encapsulated at three differentExpand
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