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Mobility Measurements Probe Conformational Changes in Membrane Proteins due to Tension.
The function of membrane-embedded proteins such as ion channels depends crucially on their conformation. We demonstrate how conformational changes in asymmetric membrane proteins may be inferred fromExpand
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Tracing Gas Motions in the Centaurus Cluster
We apply the stochastic model of iron transport developed by Rebusco et al. (2005) to the Centaurus cluster. Using this model, we find that an effective diffusion coefficient D in the range 2 xExpand
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New constraints on dark energy from Chandra X-ray observations of the largest relaxed galaxy clusters
We present constraints on the mean matter density, Ωm, dark energy density, ΩDE, and the dark energy equation of state parameter, w, using Chandra measurements of the X-ray gas mass fraction (fgas)Expand
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Growth-induced breaking and unbreaking of ergodicity in fully-connected spin systems
Two canonical models of statistical mechanics, the fully-connected voter and Glauber–Ising models, are modified to incorporate growth via the addition or replication of spins. The resulting behaviourExpand
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Dynamical description of vesicle growth and shape change.
We systematize and extend the description of vesicle growth and shape change using linear nonequilibrium thermodynamics. By restricting the study to shape changes from spheres to axisymmetricExpand
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Noise-induced schooling of fish
We report on the dynamics of collective alignment in groups of the cichlid fish Etroplus suratensis . Focusing on small- to intermediate-sized groups (10 ≲  N  ≲ 100), we demonstrate that schoolingExpand
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Stability of growing vesicles.
  • R. G. Morris, A. McKane
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 15 December 2010
We investigate the stability of growing vesicles using the formalism of nonequilibrium thermodynamics. The vesicles are growing due to the accretion of lipids to the bilayer which forms the vesicleExpand
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Field‐calibrated model of melt, refreezing, and runoff for polar ice caps: Application to Devon Ice Cap
Understanding the controls on the amount of surface meltwater that refreezes, rather than becoming runoff, over polar ice masses is necessary for modeling their surface mass balance and ultimatelyExpand
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Relaxation and curvature-induced molecular flows within fluid membranes
Solvated Membrane Nanodiscoids: A Probe For The Effects Of Gaussian Curvature
Several methods now exist to solvate lipid bilayer discoids at the scale of tens of nanometres. Due to their size, such nanodiscoids have a comparatively large boundary-to-area ratio, making themExpand