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War Stories: The Search for a Usable Past in the Federal Republic of Germany
List of Illustrations Acknowledgments 1. Listening to War Stories 2. Accounting for the Past 3. Driven into Zeitgeschichte: Historians and the "Expulsion of the Germans from East-Central Europe" 4.Expand
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Protecting Motherhood: Women and the Family in the Politics of Postwar West Germany
Robert G. Moeller is the first historian of modern German women to use social policy as a lens to focus on society's conceptions of gender difference and "woman's place." He investigates the social,Expand
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From Monuments to Traces: Artifacts of German Memory, 1870–1990 . By Rudy Koshar. Berkeley: University of California Press. 2000. Pp. xvi + 352. $45.00. ISBN 0-520-21768-3.
Rudy Koshar begins this important book with the image of protestors in the streets of Berlin in the last days of the German Democratic Republic. They carry a sign that reads "Forward, but forgettingExpand
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Protecting Mother's Work: From Production to Reproduction in Postwar West Germany
In early 1953, Ursula Mayer learned that her boss, Heinrich Putzkaul, wanted to fire her. His reasons were legion. He charged that Mayer had abused her position of authority as manager ofthe movieExpand
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Sinking Ships, the Lost Heimat and Broken Taboos: Günter Grass and the Politics of Memory in Contemporary Germany
‘History, more precisely, the history that we are stirring up, is a stopped up toilet. We flush and flush, the shit still floats back up.’ Gunter Grass, Im Krebsgang: Eine Novelle (Gottingen: Steidl,Expand
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Private Acts, Public Anxieties, and the Fight to Decriminalize Male Homosexuality in West Germany
On a spring afternoon in April 1958 in a room in Passau in south ern Germany, a group of two women and twenty-six men convened to discuss what happened when adult men got together for the purpose ofExpand
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On the History of Man-made Destruction: Loss, Death, Memory, and Germany in the Bombing War
For the last five years, remarkably, Germans have been fighting the war all over again–in illustrated magazines, television documentaries, the feature sections of their newspapers, big-box-officeExpand
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