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Seasonal trends in physicochemical factors and plankton of a freshwater fishpond and their role in fish culture
SummaryA two year study on seasonal variations of the physicochemical factors and plankton of a freshwater fish pond was made. The importance of these factors in fish culture has been discussed. pHExpand
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Studies on the zooplankton of a tropical fish pond
SummarySeasonal abundance and the pattern of fluctuations in the zooplankton of a tropical fish pond has been studied at weekly intervals for a period of two years from September 1960 to August 1962.Expand
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Diversity, distribution, and seasonal abundance of Ephemeroptera in streams of Meghalaya State, India
Diversity, distribution, seasonal changes in density and relative abundance of Ephemeroptera nymphs were studied in five stations on three streams in and around Shillong, Meghalaya state,Expand
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Synopsis of taxonomic studies on Indian rotatoria
Taxonomic studies of Indian rotifers have revealed the presence of 241 species which are listed in an appendix. The nature of the Indian rotifer fauna is discussed.
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Assumed Amphi-Atlantic distribution of Oxyurella tenuicaudis (Cladocera, Chydoridae) denied by a new species from North America
Up to now the taxon Oxyurella tenuicaudis, described from Norway, has been claimed to occur in North America as well. However, our close study and comparison of populations from the two continentsExpand
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Fluctuations in the relative abundance of the weed fauna of a tropical freshwater fish pond
SummaryThe macrofauna present in the weed Eichhornia crassipes in a tropical fish pond have been studied for a two year period. Different groups of animals under the phyla Annelida, Arthropoda andExpand
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Review of taxonomic studies on freshwater Cladocera from India with remarks on biogeography
Ninety three species (97 taxa) of freshwater Cladocera are reported from India. Remarks are made on the nature and composition of the Indian cladoceran fauna and as well on the biogeography ofExpand
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Nine new species of freshwater ostracoda from Madurai area in Southern India
Summary A study of the ostracod fauna has been carried out in Madurai Area in Southern India. Nine species belonging to eight genera have been described as new to science. Comparisons have been madeExpand
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