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Fulgoroidea (Homoptera) from Viet-nam.
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New cavernicolous cixiid from New Zealand (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea)
Confuga persephone n.gen. & sp. (Cixiidae) is described from a cavernicolous population in Nelson Province, New Zealand. Most of its generic characters can be matched separately in other endemicExpand
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A new genus and species of Ricaniidae from Palaeocene deposits in North Dakota
Summary A new genus and species, Cotradechites lithinus Fennah, are proposed for a fossil tegmen of a Ricaniid (Homoptera : Fulgoroidea) collected in clay deposits of Latest Palaeocene age nearExpand
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Index for Volume 6 (1957)
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A revision of the genus Matutinus Distant (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea: Delphacidae)
The genus Matutinus Distant is characterised and differentiated from Chlorionidea Loew, with which it was at one time synonymised. Descriptions are given of 26 species, 15 of which are described asExpand
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