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Mechanistic investigation of the staudinger ligation.
The Staudinger ligation of azides and phosphines has found widespread use in the field of chemical biology, but the mechanism of the transformation has not been characterized in detail. In this work,Expand
A supramolecular approach to combining enzymatic and transition metal catalysis
The ability of supramolecular host–guest complexes to catalyse organic reactions collaboratively with an enzyme is an important goal in the research and discovery of synthetic enzyme mimics. HereinExpand
Reactivity of a titanium dinitrogen complex supported by guanidinate ligands: investigation of solution behavior and a novel rearrangement of guanidinate ligands.
The titanium dinitrogen complex, [[(Me(2)N)C(N(i)Pr)(2)]( 2)Ti](2)(N(2)) (2), was synthesized by reduction of the dichloride precursor, [(Me(2)N)C(N(i)Pr)(2)](2)TiCl(2) (1). The dinitrogen complexExpand
Supramolecular catalysis in metal-ligand cluster hosts.
Acid Catalysis in Basic Solution: A Supramolecular Host Promotes Orthoformate Hydrolysis
Although many enzymes can promote chemical reactions by tuning substrate properties purely through the electrostatic environment of a docking cavity, this strategy has proven challenging to mimic inExpand
Proton-mediated chemistry and catalysis in a self-assembled supramolecular host.
Synthetic supramolecular host assemblies can impart unique reactivity to encapsulated guest molecules. Synthetic host molecules have been developed to carry out complex reactions within theirExpand
Expedient synthesis of N-acyl anthranilamides and β-enamine amides by the Rh(III)-catalyzed amidation of aryl and vinyl C-H bonds with isocyanates.
A Rh(III)-catalyzed protocol for the amidation of anilide and enamide C-H bonds with isocyanates has been developed. This method provides direct and efficient syntheses of N-acyl anthranilamides,Expand
Rhodium(III)-Catalyzed Indazole Synthesis by C–H Bond Functionalization and Cyclative Capture
An efficient, one-step, and highly functional group-compatible synthesis of substituted N-aryl-2H-indazoles is reported via the rhodium(III)-catalyzed C–H bond addition of azobenzenes to aldehydes.Expand
Stoichiometric and catalytic hydroamination of alkynes and allene by zirconium bisamides Cp2Zr(NHR)2
We have found that the bisamides Cp 2 Zr(NHR) 2 (1) catalyze the hydroamination of alkynes and allene and have investigated the scope and mechanism of this proces. Examining both catalytic andExpand