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Performance of waste-based amendments to reduce metal release from mine tailings: One-year leaching behaviour.
A one-year leaching experiment has been conducted in order to assess the effectiveness of several amendments on metal immobilization in mine tailings from an old Pb/Zn mining area of Central SpainExpand
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TLR4 is a target of environmentally relevant concentration of lead.
Lead (Pb) alters the susceptibility to different pathogens suggesting that macrophage-mediated defense mechanisms, through activation of toll-like receptors (TLRs), may be affected by Pb. The aim ofExpand
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Chemical and plant tests to assess the viability of amendments to reduce metal availability in mine soils and tailings
The goal of this research was to assess the potential of several industrial wastes to immobilise metals in two polluted soils deriving from an old Pb/Zn mine. Two different approaches were used toExpand
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Screening for osteoporosis among post-menopausal women in community pharmacy
Objectives To identify postmenopausal women with risk of osteoporosis through quantitative ultrasound imaging (QUI) and to value the medical intervention after the determination of the bone mineralExpand
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Mitotic activity patterns and cytoskeletal changes throughout the progression of diapause developmental program in Daphnia
BackgroundDiapause is a form of dormancy that is genetically predetermined to allow animals to overcome harsh environmental conditions. It is induced by predictive environmental cues bringingExpand
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Detección de una posible sobredosificación durante el Servicio de Dispensación de calcifediol: Premios Foro AF-FC 2014 : 2º accésit
Descripción del paciente Se trata de una mujer de 69 años que acude a la farmacia con una prescripción de Hidroferol® (calcifediol) 266 mcg 10 ampollas bebibles 1,5 ml para el tratamiento de laExpand
Resultados del servicio de farmacovigilancia en una farmacia comunitaria
espanolIntroduccion: el sistema espanol de farmacovigilancia se basa en la notificacion espontanea de sospechas de Reacciones Adversas a Medicamentos (RAM) por parte de los pacientes, la industriaExpand