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This paper reports nothing new or revolutionary; it is basically a muchabbreviated review of previously published material. Current archeological knowledge of the Paleoindian and Early to MiddleExpand
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Understanding Buffered and Unbuffered CD4xxxB Series Device Characteristics
Both buffered and unbuffered CMOS B-series gates, inverters, and high-current IC products are available from TI. Each product classification has application advantages in appropriate logic-systemExpand
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Nonassociation of Paleoindians with AMS-Dated Late Pleistocene Mammals from the Dutchess Quarry Caves, New York
Abstract AMS 14 C ages of 10 bones of the caribou ( Rangifer tarandus ), flat-headed peccary ( Platygonus compressus ), and giant beaver ( Castoroides ohioensis ) from the Dutchess Quarry Caves, NewExpand
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Three Sixteenth-Century Mohawk Iroquois Village Sites
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On Criticisms of "Some Paleolithic Tools From Northeast North America": Rejoinder
did not happen, or at least happened at a level I missed. The New Archaeology inthe United States was composed of papers read, shouting matches after them, gossip, bull sessions in hotel rooms,Expand
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On "Some Paleolithic Tools from Northeast North America"
Raemsch and Vernon (CA 18:97-99) report finding 70,000year-old "Paleolithic" tools in New York State. Because the Research Conclusions section of CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY does not provide for theExpand
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