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Computer simulation of a downdraft wood gasifier for tea drying
Abstract A gasifier has been fabricated in Sri Lanka for the tea industry, but there is a lack of knowledge of the effect of certain key operating parameters and design features on its performance.Expand
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Energy efficient envelope design for high-rise apartments
The energy required to create a comfortable living environment in high-density cities in hot and humid climates usually demands a substantial electricity usage with an associated environmentalExpand
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Natural convection solar dryer with biomass back-up heater
Abstract A direct-type natural convection solar dryer and a simple biomass burner have been combined to demonstrate a drying technology suitable for small-scale processors of dried fruits andExpand
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Technical efficiency and productivity change of China's iron and steel industry
Abstract The recent economic reform of China's iron and steel industry has resulted in its rapid expansion to become the largest in the world. However, the resultant increase in the use of energy andExpand
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Impact of past and future residential housing development patterns on energy demand and related emissions
The continued outward growth from a central business district has been the dominant characteristic of most cities in Australia. However, this feature is seen as unsustainable and alternativeExpand
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A comprehensive framework for assessing the life-cycle energy of building construction assemblies
Building environmental design typically focuses on improvements to operational efficiencies such as building thermal performance and system efficiency. Often the impacts occurring across the otherExpand
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Life-cycle energy analysis of building integrated photovoltaic systems (BiPVs) with heat recovery unit
Building integrated photovoltaic (BiPV) systems generate electricity, but also heat, which is typically wasted and also reduces the efficiency of generation. A heat recovery unit can be combined withExpand
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Scenario planning for the electricity generation in Indonesia
Abstract The long-term planning of a future electricity supply system requires data about future demand. Planners who use the conventional planning method forecast future demand by observing pastExpand
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Building Resilience: A meta-analysis of Oxfam’s resilience Effectiveness Reviews
Oxfam’s Effectiveness Reviews evaluate the impact of the organization’s projects on the lives of those they are intended to help. This research paper uses statistical meta-analysis to summarise theExpand
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Human and animal power – The forgotten renewables
Globally, there is still widespread dependence on traditional forms of energy, and human and animal power still contribute a significant proportion of the energy used in the rural areas of developingExpand
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