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Spatial distribution and growth of the gastropod Strombus luhuanus were investigated in the shallow waters of Shirahama, Japan. Newly settled juveniles smaller than 25 mm in shell length were foundExpand
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Analysis of specular photomicrograph with graph pen digitizer. II. Long-term results in cataract surgery.
Bilateral corneal endothelial photomicrographs of 90 cases, who underwent unilateral cataract extraction 5 years ago, were analyzed utilizing a specular microscopy and a graph pen digitizer. Data onExpand
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Fishes ofNeoclinus from Okinawa with notes on the traits of their habitats
All the fish specimens ofNeoclinus bryope species complex collected from Okinawa Island including the 2 specimens already reported asN. bryope are referable toN. okazakii. Neoclinus nudus, hithertoExpand
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A dual color basis tunable color EL device employing ZnS:Tb, F/ZnS:Mn stacked phosphor layers with color filters
A tunable color thin-film electroluminescent (EL) device having a stacked structure of ZnS:Tb, F/ZnS:Mn with red and green colored filters was developed. The obtained red and green emissions haveExpand
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High-brightness low-driving-voltage green color thin-film electroluminescent devices
Abstract High-performance green-color emitting ZnS:Tb,F thin-film electroluminescent (EL) devices are developed. These EL devices are constructed with a first insulating layer of ferroelectric PbTiO3Expand
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Blood sampling from the cuvierian duct of red sea bream (Chrysophrys major) for hematology and blood biochemistry in toxicological studies.
To investigate a suitable blood sampling method for hematology and blood biochemistry in fish toxicology, we compared two methods, blood sampling from the Cuvierian duct with a syringe (CD) andExpand
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