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Aflatoxin Residues in Milk of Dairy Cows after Ingestion of Naturally Contaminated Grain.
Thirty-two lactating Holstein cows, blocked according to level of milk production, were fed cottonseed meal contaminated with aflatoxin B1, (AFB1) (0, 94, 241 and 500 μg/kg) as 20% of their rationExpand
Effects of Abomasal Infusions of Glucose and Proprionate on Milk Yield and Composition
Abstract According to the glucogenic theory increased glucose availability is responsible for the low-milk fat problem that occurs when cows are fed high-grain, low-fiber diets. Abomasal infusions ofExpand
Theory Involving Propionate and Vitamin B12 in the Low-Milk Fat Syndrome
Abstract A new theory to explain the low-milk fat syndrome of cows fed high-grain, low-fiber diets is proposed. This theory involves alteration of propionate metabolism caused by increased rumenExpand
Feeding Value of Dry Corn, Ensiled High Moisture Corn, and Propionic Acid Treated High Moisture Corn Fed with Hay or Haylage for Lactating Dairy Cows
Abstract Trial 1 . Fifty lactating Holstein and Brown Swiss cows were assigned to six groups in a 3×2 factorial design and fed one of six diets for 16 wk: (1) dry corn + hay, (2) dry corn + haylage,Expand
Assessment of two enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay tests marketed for detection of ruminant proteins in finished feed.
The results of this evaluation indicate that neither ELISA Technologies' MELISA-Tek test and Tepnel BioSystems' BioKit for (Cooked) Species Identification test is adequate for regulatory use. Expand
Thermophilic methane production from dairy cattle waste
Abstract Methane production from waste of dairy cattle fed diets containing 72% roughage (dry matter basis) was investigated in anaerobic reactors at 60°C with retention times (RT) set at 3, 6 and 9Expand
Evaluation of polyethylene glycol method in determining rumen fluid volume in dairy cows fed different diets.
Abstract The use of polyethylene glycol in determining rumen fluid volume of cows fed liberal amounts of roughage and grain (control) or high-grain, low-fiber diets was studied. The polyethyleneExpand
Evaluation of selected antibiotic residue screening tests for milk from individual cows and examination of factors that affect the probability of false-positive outcomes.
Use of logistic regression showed that an increase in colony-forming units was associated with a decrease in the probability of a false-positive outcome for the CITE Probe test, which affected the probabilities of positive outcomes for different tests. Expand
Depletion of gentamicin in the milk of Holstein cows after single and repeated intramammary and parenteral treatments.
Because GT is not approved for use in dairy cattle and because of the long depletion time associated with some possible treatments, illegal and extra-label use is likely to cause residues in milk. Expand
Evaluation of two commercial lateral-flow test kits for detection of animal proteins in animal feed.
Two lateral-flow test kits designed to detect ruminant or terrestrial animal proteins in feeds are evaluated, indicating that neither of the two tests is adequate for routine regulatory use. Expand