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Body composition and peak aerobic power in male international level Hungarian athletes.
The authors do not disregard the favourable effects of regular and adequate trainings in the development of the studied characteristics, but in their opinion the process of proper selection has been the most important factor that explains the observed significant intergroup differences. Expand
Gas-liquid chromatographic method for the determination of tolperisone in human plasma: pharmacokinetic and comparative bioavailability studies.
A new capillary GLC method for the determination of tolperisone in human plasma was developed and there was no significant difference between the bioavailability of two oral tablets. Expand
A study of the enzyme inducing effect of physical exercise in man. The "trained liver".
Effect of capsaicin on experimental ulcer in the rat.
Blood pressure and heart rate reactivity to mental strain in adolescent judo athletes
Findings should be viewed as tentative because of the uniqueness and size of the sample, but subjects having a higher maximal aerobic power showed faster HR recovery from mental stress than those having a lower VO2max. Expand
Echocardiographic characteristics of male athletes of different age
The E/A quotient (ratio of peak velocity during early and late diastole) indicated more effective diastolic function in the endurance athletes, and suggested that regular physical activity at an older age may protect against age dependent impairment of diastolics function. Expand
Doppler echocardiographic examinations in the assessment of the athletic heart.
Doppler echocardiography is a method with the help of which flow velocity and the duration of different intervals can be estimated. The ratio between early and late peak velocities (E/A) is linearlyExpand
Effect of regular muscular activity on adrenocortical function in rats.
The effect of muscular exercise on the microsomal enzyme system of the rat liver
The inducing effect of muscular work appears to be most similar to the phenobarbital type of induction, and in the development of this exercise-induced rise of enzymatic activity some as yet unidentified humoral and metabolic changes associated with daily physical training are thought to play a role. Expand
Runners’ anxiety and mood on running and non-running days: An in situ daily monitoring study
Abstract Most of our knowledge on the effects of exercise on anxiety and mood relies on two, pre-and post-treatment, measurements. In this study a simple question was raised: disregarding all butExpand