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Register allocation via usage counts
This paper introduces the notion of usage counts, shows how usage count can be developed by algorithms that eliminate redundant computations, and describes how usage counts can provide the basis for register allocation. Expand
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Making processing fail-safe
The author describes the Stratus/32 multiprocessor, a fault-tolerant system for commercial applications which supports continuous processing of user programs during computer failure without checkpoint/restart programming at the user or system level. Expand
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The multics PL/1 compiler
The Multics PL/1 compiler is in many respects a "second generation" compiler. Expand
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Report of session on structured programming
The session on structured programming was both interesting and lively, and many aspects of structured programming were discussed. Expand
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Proposed extensions to PL/I for real-time applications
The paper is a revision of an earlier paper [4l, and contains numerous suggestions made by both committees. Expand
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Report of session on systems programming languages
Discussion in this session centered around two major topics: experience using a particular language for systems programming and features which are required or desirable in a systems programmingExpand